Friday, February 4, 2011

And the Testing Begins!

   I start my first round of testing tomorrow for my staging. I met with my new oncologist last Wednesday, and so far I'm impressed. I really like her style - very explanatory, perfectly happy to answer any questions, and most importantly - SHE REALLY LISTENS! In this whole process so far, she has been the only doctor and office to be sure to share with the testing facilities that I am nursing a baby! This is so important to me, and to find a doctor and office that is completely understanding of how important it is seems like a miracle. The barrage of testing starts off with a full body PET scan. I get to be radioactive for a day, which means a) no nursing for 24 hrs (I knew this was coming) and b) I can't touch my baby for a certain number of hours (to be told to me upon discharge) afterwards. This I was not aware of and was very glad that the woman at the PET center knew to make me aware of it (This is one reason I'm so glad that my nursing status was shared). Next comes an Echocardiogram on Monday, a bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday, and a pulmonary test on Wednesday. After all that, hopefully they will have all they need. 
   Well, at least the baby will have fun on her Grammy and Grampa outing all day tomorrow. I know my dad is very excited. Hopefully she will sleep well and not be too cranky. 

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