Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 4 Post Treatment

I finally felt like myself today. I definitely had to eat when I woke up, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing. I definitely had more energy and I didn't feel sick to my stomach, which just makes it so much easier to get things done. It was quite a productive day. The baby very nicely took her morning nap (I think she is finally settling down after weaning), and my parents came so we could do some errands. The baby wears cloth diapers, and they had some crazy residue going on, so we drove down to diaper lab to pick up some stripping detergent. From there, we went up to Ipswich to Appleton Farms to pick up some bones and liver for the baby formula I make. It was a bit disastrous getting there (I got bad directions online and almost ran out of gas), but once we found it, we were amazed. The woman who met us was so sweet, and got us plenty of supplies for the rest of the month. I can't wait until they open for real in the summer to check out what they have there. It seems like a great place. It was just great to go and get things done and get out of the house. I am glad that I'm back to feeling somewhat normal. Hopefully I can get some stuff done around the house at the end of this week. My blood counts will be lowest 7-10 days after my treatment, so I'll be "quarantined" in my house. My plan - get some of this stuff organized!
Before my next treatment I will be having a Portacath put in my chest. This will make it much easier to receive treatment each time, and it means I won't have to sit there and hope they can get an IV in me (I hate needles, and I have tiny veins). It is day surgery, but I think it will make the process a lot easier in the long run. I was debating it at first, but when they had to run one of the drugs into my vein so slowly because it was irritating my arm, I decided I'd rather have the portacath in for 6 months, than loose that much time over the course of treatment. Hopefully it will make my treatments smoother and easier over all. I guess I'll find out soon enough. 

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