Friday, February 4, 2011

A side note about baby formula

   I currently breastfeed my little girl full time (she's never had formula), so I didn't know much about commercial formula. When I do start my treatments, I will have to stop breastfeeding to prevent the medicines from transferring to the baby. I have been on a restricted dairy diet since she was a week old, because she is sensitive to the proteins, so I grabbed a sample tin of soy formula from my mom's group and brought it home. Then I looked at the ingredients.... the first ingredient, making up over 43% of the powder, is CORN SYRUP SOLIDS! What? Corn? This seemed ridiculous. I don't eat anywhere near 43% corn in my diet. So my dad said, "can't you make your own? you make her food anyway." I hadn't even thought of this! I looked it up, and yes, I can make my own. And after doing some research, I found that it's almost the exact same price! Strangely enough the dairy free recipe is made from beef broth and liver, but hey, if it's nutritionally parallel, it has to be better than almost half corn. (There are raw milk and raw goat's milk recipes as well, but I figure I'll avoid the casein until she's one and then switch her to raw goat's milk.) I'll put the link to the site I found the recipe below just because it is really interesting. It may take a bit more work each day (a whopping 15 minutes), but I think it's totally worth it to avoid the insane amounts of corn sugar.

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