Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I haven't had a CT scan since April 2012. My scan was supposed to be in October, but I was trying to get pregnant, so I opted out (it was a good thing I did, as we found out I was pregnant with Lochlan just weeks later). 

When I went to my oncology appointment in September, I wasn't scheduled for a scan, and it was discussed at my appointment, but Lochlan was just a few months old, and exclusively nursing, so I opted to wait so I wouldn't have to pump and dump (and try and get him to take a bottle!). 

Now I have scans coming up, and I am just feeling scared. I'm realizing how long it's been and I don't think I'll feel good until I have an update. 

I hate that cancer always gets to have it's own way - even when it's gone.