Saturday, June 30, 2012


Two year olds are just huge. They have done 6 months of growing since I last saw Saoirse. For a long time they never seemed different. But for some reason, recently they have really seemed so much older; so much bigger. More like little people, less like toddlers. I feel like I can't relate any more. I don't have any advice; I don't have any relevant anecdotes; I can't commiserate over personal experience. I feel so out of touch. I'm in some sort of limbo - some sort of strange purgatory between new mom and experienced mom. Some sort of time warp. It's very strange. 

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  1. I have had similar feelings lately. Whenever, with friends, we get talking about the young ones in our lives now I find myself repeating the limited joyous moments we had with Saoirse. That is when the repeating reality kicks in and I realize that I am just stuck there. Wouldn't give up those memories for anything though.
    Much Love