Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Positives of ...... Chemo?

Today we celebrated Saoirse with great family and friends. It was a beautiful day, and it was great to see good friends, eat good food, and watch the kids play and laugh and swing and blow bubbles! Today was a good day.

I got into a conversation about the positive side effects that I have had with chemo. For all the negative that chemo does, especially to your body and your insides, there are a few choice things that are "benefits" from being injected with toxic chemicals.

1. Chemo Cures Psoriasis
    I think you guys read about this before on my other post. (update - as that immune system comes back, the psoriasis does too, but mine isn't as bad...yet)

2. Chemo (and cancer) is the Fastest Weight Loss Plan Ever!
    I would not recommend this, but it is highly effective. (Having a child with cancer, however, is the exact opposite!)

3. Chemo Abolishes Allergies and Asthma
    I have not had an allergy symptom since coming off chemo. I have also not had to use my maintenance medication or rescue medication for my asthma. Go figure.

4. Chemo Curls Hair
    Yup - best perm ever! When that hair comes back, it comes in thick, curly and fabulous! It's great to have hair again, and even better that it comes in with it's own new style. It's like a mini makeover!

Yup, a lot of women pay big bucks to have these things. I suppose I paid big bucks too, but at least mine was covered by insurance :) Wanna see the hair? Here it is!

(it was purple for the buzz off)


  1. Oh Kezia, I have been thinking of all 3 of you a lot recently! I see the posts on FB and think of how wonderful you and Mike were when you would come to MR for scans with Saoirse. I recently started chemo myself for colon ca (only had once session so far) and enjoyed reading these little "tips" of yours! I know my treatment will be different than yours was, but I think I could handle the "Chemo Weight Loss Plan" for just a bit LOL.

    I do hope you and Mike are okay and that each day Saoirse bathes you in her love and presences. Stay strong Momma!

  2. I saw you and your husband on The Today Show this morning. God bless you both for bringing so much awareness to the rest of us. <3