Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chemo Cures Psoriasis

Another "great" thing about chemo? It "cures" psoriasis! I have psoriasis on my scalp, which I have had forever. It makes it SUPER itchy, and the skin is crusty in the winter. Why do I have it you ask? Psoriasis is a result of an overactive immune system (ha, go figure), and since chemo is an immune depressant (killer really), psoriasis goes away! It was great to not have an itchy scalp for a while. Sadly, now that my immune system is "working" again, its back. Short hair makes it easier to itch, but I can't keep a pencil in my pony tail to scratch with anymore. That was the best tool (mechanical, not regular - I wasn't drawing pictures in there). My new shampoo helps (Dr. Bronners), but alas, itchy I will be. I'd rather have an itchy scalp and an active immune system than the alternative though. It's the little things... :)


  1. Dr. Bronner products are great. I used some soap bars. I might try other ones too.

  2. This makes sense. Chemo is an immune suppressor, and psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder (methotrexate is sometimes used to fight severe psoriasis).

  3. tea tree oil, stinks but helps me...
    my doctor wanted me to constantly keep taking antibiotics and that's not good for you.