Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Signs...

I haven't written about so many of the things that have been going on. There has been so much. I need desperately to catch up. So, sadly, this post will be kind of short, but I wanted to get it down before I forgot. 

Saoirse has been showing up to our lovely visitors recently. Our amazing friend Paul came here from Chicago to go down to the Today Show event with us. He got in really late the night before we were going, and so he stayed on our couch that night. Well apparently Saoirse wanted him to visit with her, because she kept turning off his music on his phone. She just didn't want him to be listening I guess. 

Mike's niece, Alyssa, stayed with us for 2 weeks as well recently. She stayed up in Saoirse's room, and we had a blast having her here. One morning (well, I guess really it was about noon - she is 15 after all), Alyssa came down stairs and asked if we had gone in her room last night. Of course, we hadn't (she's a teenager, not an infant). She told us that she thought maybe we had moved the things off of Saoirse's changing table, because one of her bins was on the floor, and one of her line flushes was in a different place. Apparently Saoirse was doing some redecorating over night, and wanted Alyssa to play doctor with her. I'm not sure if Alyssa was excited or weirded out by the news that it was not us, but Saoirse, but she seemed to move on and continue with the day. I felt good that Saoirse wasn't trying to get Alyssa out of her room :)

I will post more about all our goings on soon. Someday I'll feel like I can sit and wright. It's been a tough few weeks, but hopefully things will start to settle soon. Although I feel like I've been saying that forever. Someday.