Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So this is a little (or a lot) late, but my scans at the end of May came back clean! Everything is looking great. My doctor is pleased with how I'm doing, and she feels that I'm moving in a great direction. 
My next scan would be scheduled for October, however most likely I will not have it done. The hope is that we will be trying to get pregnant then, and I don't want to risk the radiation. Even if I'm not pregnant, I'm not sure I want to keep getting the radiation. I just feel like its not worth the extra exposure, especially with all the work I'm putting in to detox my body. A scan would just be a step backwards, at a time when moving forward is so important. 


  1. You are making the right decision. Your body will tell you if something is off. Work on building that family of yours. Include some type of spirituality with it. That in itself is great medicine. I add you in my prayers to see you pregnant this year with a new found purpose and goals! You are feeding your body well and your mind is in the right place. Bring on new beginnings and with that, hopefully a healthy pregnancy. Make sure you slip in some yummy treats... your body deserves those as well. Think of you and your journey often, all the way from Vancouver, BC Canada. You are my hero Lady, without even knowing it. I follow your life from afar and have for quite awhile now. Please know there are well wishes coming from all directions.

    Much love,