Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Schedule Changes

We had a good weekend here. Saoirse was happy and playful and pretty much feeling like herself. We had her clinic appointment today, and were supposed to go in for 1:30, but the doctor called at 9 and asked if we could be there for a kidney test at 10. Other than this being totally rushed, I was totally not prepared to spend the whole day there. But we went in, and did her tests. It took all day, but I guess it was a good thing we were there, because she spiked a fever and they had to give her a dose of antibiotics. This changes our whole schedule for the week, however, as now they won't do her surgery tomorrow because of the risk for infection. So now, instead of going in tomorrow morning for surgery and being admitted to start chemo, we are going in for a transfusion in the morning tomorrow, and then not going back for the surgery until Thursday morning. They will admit her then for chemo, and we'll be in for 6 days. It's just frustrating that everything got moved. I know they do it for safety, because they don't want her to develop an infection after surgery, and I can appreciate that, but it just messes with my plans. We already have a logistical nightmare on our hands with my chemo schedule and figuring out who will be where when. We don't need to be mixing things up. Also, I really want to get her started on this next round of chemo. It's more intense, but I think it will help to shrink down some more of her tumors and hopefully make her more comfortable. She's still not sleeping well, and It really makes it hard on her and us. 

Today we went in for blood. Saoirse's temperature was fine when she got up in the morning, but she was running a low grade fever the whole time we were at clinic. She never got very high, so as of now she's still set for Thursday. At this point, even if they decide not to put in her line this round, I just want her to be able to start chemo. I really think it will make her feel better. 
My mum came with us to clinic today, and we even saw Saoirse's friend from the hospital there. It was nice to see his mum and dad and chat for a bit. Saoirse had a good time playing with blocks and watching TV while we were there. She was having a grand old time, dancing and playing with the blood pressure cuff. It's nice to see her happy and playing. Now if we can just get a handle on this sleep thing, we'll be all set. 
A day off for Saoirse tomorrow, as long as she doesn't spike a fever, and doctor appointments for me. Then into Children's Thursday morning and chemo for her; then chemo for me on Friday. Hopefully the schedule all works out. 

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