Friday, May 27, 2011

Chemo Times Two

Saoirse was a good girl and didn't spike any fevers before Thursday morning, so her surgery went as planned. Everything went smoothly, she was happy and playful all the way into the hospital, and only got mad once they took her away from us. She did very well, and is only a bit sore from the procedure, especially because she sleeps on her belly, right on the line. Her Broviac was placed in her jugular vein on the right side of her neck (the same access point of my port) and it exits her body just below her bust-line. I'm currently working on a cover like the one I made for her PICC line, so she won't have to have so much tape holding it on, and it won't be rubbing on her skin. She had her first night of chemo last night, and it went well other than all the poking for vitals, etc, woke her up. It took a while for Mike to get her back to sleep, but once he did he had a better night. 

I was home Thursday night so I could go to my chemo appointment in Gloucester Friday morning. My nurse called me to let me know that my white cell counts are very low, and that she was going to put in some extra calls to be sure that I would get my treatment today. I did end up getting my treatment, but they are also putting me on Nupogen injections (like what the baby gets) because my white counts had dipped below 100. So now Mike gets the joy of injecting me ever morning as well as the baby. I start them Monday morning, and have to be observed for the first one, so I will go up to Beverly for a quick injection and then back into Boston to relieve Mike. Other than taking longer than usual, things went well, and I took a good, long nap when I got home. My parents went into Children's to help Mike out with the baby, in case he wanted to get some rest. 

Mike and my parents said that Saoirse had a good day. Melanie came and buzzed off her hair in the morning so she wouldn't keep getting it in her mouth and stuck on her face when she was sleeping. She likes rubbing her head and giggles when she does; I think she likes the way it feels. She played during the day and took a nice noontime nap. When I got here, we went for a walk and read a book to burn some energy and then calm her down before bed time. The nurses took her vitals and hooked up her IV for premeds, and I put her to bed. She still has a little cough from the scratchy throat and from post nasal drip, but with the humidifier on she seems to not be bothered. Hopefully she will stay asleep tonight and will get a good night's rest. We'll see how tonight goes, and hopefully I won't be too tired tomorrow to get in some good playtime with her. 

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