Saturday, April 2, 2011

Treatment #4 - Nap Time

So on treatment day, yesterday, I was already tired, but all the meds (mostly the Benadryl and Ativan) just knocked me out. I didn't even do any knitting on my poor grandmother's christmas legwarmer that she's still waiting for. I was super sleepy today as well. I had a hard time getting out of bed, and then I took a two hour nap this afternoon. Thank goodness for family being able to help with the baby, or else she probably would have been getting into trouble when I fell asleep on the couch. But the most annoying thing right now is that there is a stitch sticking out of the scar from my port implant and it won't come out! I had the nurse look at it yesterday and she said she wouldn't pull it out. It catches on clothes and it's just frustrating. Now I have to sit and wait for it to work it's way out on its own. I had a similar problem after my biopsy. That piece took over a month to come out on its own. Arg. Just another glitch in the road. But I guess if my only big annoyance is that I have a bothersome scar issue, I think I'm doing pretty well. 
Next week I have a bunch of testing to re-stage me and determine what my treatment will be continuing on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news. 

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