Monday, April 11, 2011

Slow going

I have definitely been more fatigued this round than before. I am constantly needing to nap and rest. But, my support system has been great, and have given me all the time I need to rest up. This past Saturday I had a PET scan for my re-staging. Because of the radioactive injection they give me, they recommend not coming in contact with young children for 10 hours after the test. So, because my daughter would want to hang on me if she saw me, she stayed at Grammy/Grampa camp for the day, and then stayed over night, too. It was a really nice break, and a chance for my husband and I to have a true date night for the first time since the baby was born. (10 months is a long wait!) I feel like being able to sleep in on Sunday really recharged me for the day and reset my system a bit. I felt so good, we all went for a walk up to the park in the nice sunny weather. This morning I had a CT scan and had to drink the terrible liquid before hand. I made the mistake of drinking it on an empty stomach rather than getting up at 5:30 to eat something (you can't eat three hours prior to the scan and my scan was at 9 am). It was a big mistake. It totally upset my stomach. It was all I could do to get it down. Then when I went to eat something at home, instead of making me feel better, it made me completely nauseous. My mom stayed a bit longer with the baby and I went to take a nap. (My mom also reminded me that I have a cabinet full of anti-nausea medicine that I can take - score one for straight thinking mom!) The nap helped, and when I got up I ate a nice lunch and felt much better. After a visit from my best friend and a walk around the yard (another nice day out), I even managed to go to ballet class. I'm convinced the exercise helps break the nausea cycle. I'm so glad that the weather is finally starting to be good enough for daily walking. Tomorrow I have a pulmonary test, and then Wednesday I get my results from my re-staging tests. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to stay on the ABVD and not have to go to BEACCOP (I think I have a letter wrong in that one, forgive me). We'll find out on Wednesday. 

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