Sunday, March 20, 2011

Treatment 3 - Quick and Painless

My third treatment round has, so far, gone off without a hitch. My Portacath is healed over and no longer sore, and I amazingly still have my hair (so much for all those hats). My dad took me to treatment this time because my lovely husband had a cold and didn't want to infect everyone else there. It was a quiet morning up there, but it was nice to just sit and relax (and try and get some knitting done on my poor grandmother's now very belated Christmas gift). My chemo drugs came up from the lab quickly, and the nurse, Kristen, got me started right away. I'm still totally loving the Portacath. It is so much quicker and easier, not to mention almost completely painless. Things went smoothly and I was done and out in under 4 hours. So far the weekend has been good. I'm feeling good and I've been able to cut down on the extra anti-nausea meds by not taking extra Ativan each day. The nice thing about not taking the extra meds is that I have much more energy (Ativan makes me drowsy), and much less dizziness (the side effect of every single one of the anti-nausea drugs). If this keeps up, I think I'll be quite ok for the next few months. I have one more treatment before my next scan to see how my body is responding to the chemo. My appointments are all scheduled, and I'm ready to find out if I'm actually healing as well as I feel like I am. I really hope that I can stay on the treatment I'm on and not have to switch to a more toxic regimen. For now I'm focusing on how good I'm feeling and how much crafting I'm getting done. Now if only I could focus my attention on organizing my house. Spring is here! Time to clean out the unnecessary and organize the rest. 

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