Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hats galore!

In preparation for my hair to fall out, I started making myself some hats. I have become addicted to crocheting hats at the moment, however my hair has yet to fall out, so we'll see if I end up needing them all. I actually taught myself how to crochet by watching Youtube videos, and I have really gotten the hang of it now. I'm thinking of starting an organization to benefit cancer patients in which crafters of any kind make handmade items (hats, shawls, scarves, etc.) to give to patients, but also items that could be sold and have proceeds benefit a single patient and/or a cancer cause. It's an idea that's still in prenatal phase, but something I'm working on none-the-less. 
I've still been feeling good. I've been eating like a horse. Everything I had read and heard made me think I was going to have no appetite at all, but I have been totally the opposite. I don't eat a lot at once usually (although tonight at dinner I had quite the spread), but I eat constantly throughout the day. This has been a challenge for me because I'm not used to buying snack food at the grocery store. I now find that I have to keep things in the house that are quick to eat. Fruit is great, also no salt added pretzels and peanut butter crackers. Yogurt is great too, but that takes two hands to eat and sometimes it's just not feasible now that the baby is mobile. (Yes, my nine and a half month old is crawling like crazy, walks along the furniture, and just yesterday, started climbing stairs.) One thing I'm super excited about is some vegetable curry soup that my friend Meredith brought me on Friday. I can't wait to have it. 

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