Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Years....

Two years ago my world stopped right in front of my eyes - you left us. I let out a scream and gasped for air. My breath tried to go with you.

Somehow the world around us keeps turning. It should have stopped turning with your last breath. 

I still wonder how it keeps going around. Maybe you are spinning it. 


  1. Oh how I loved this child that I never got to meet. Saoirse opened my eyes to childhood cancer for the first time and I have been trying to bring awareness ever since. I hope you are all doing well ♥♥♥ Sending loving thoughts and thinking about your sweet angel. Love, Diana Pratt

  2. You made it so easy to fall in love with Saoirse. Found your blog yesterday and read it all. Wishing your family a healthy 2014. From Cape Twon, South Africa