Thursday, April 19, 2012

Old Wood has an Old Soul

Craigslist has some great finds. We went to pick up some old barn wood on the south shore. The guy was super nice. His house was built in the end of the 1600s, and it is beautiful. He has an old barn, full of some random stuff, and an old carriage house full of antique planks of wood. The wood is amazing! We took 5 planks that have so much character. I can't wait to put them together into our new dining room set. I'll post pictures along the way. 

While we were in Chicago, we saw a store in Andersonville with some awesome artisan made wood items, and upcycled pieces. I have some great ideas now for some chairs to go with my table, and a better idea of what my table will look like. If anyone has some old cane seat wooden chairs that have broken caning, and they want to get rid of them, let me know! Also, I'm still looking for some old barn wood to use for the rest of my table supplies.