Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Will Always Believe...

***I wrote this before Christmas, and forgot to post it.***

With Christmas right around the corner, we have had some chaos here at home. I've been feeling a lot better, and that has made it so that our routines are changing. That on top of all the fun holiday outings and gift buying has led to some crazy schedules and a little less sleep for all of us.

Mike got called away to California last week for a conference. Lochlan and I stayed home and spent a few days and nights hanging out at my parents' house. One downside to the timing of this conference is that it happened over December 13th - the 5th anniversary of Saoirse's death. My best friend, Emily, came up to my parents' house and made cookies with me while Lochlan was still at school. We used to do that all the time when we were growing up (we met when we were 8 and were pretty inseparable after the age of about 10). It was nice to just do something mindless and fun, and of course to eat half the dough raw. Emily can always make me smile, and she knows just what I need on a day like that.

A couple days after Mike came home, Lochlan came up with a very direct question for us while we were riding in the car. He asked, "Does Saoirse sleep?" Mike and I looked at each other. Now, we know Saoirse is in the house - many times I have yelled at her for knocking Christmas ornaments off the tree, or moving something I needed. Mike also has woken up and seen her hanging out on my back (he is lucky enough to see ghosts, I however, am not that lucky). And we have always suspected Lochlan talks to her and sees her around. I told Lochlan that we didn't know if she slept, and that he should ask her. He very seriously said, "I can't ask her. She doesn't talk." This was such a hard hitting moment for me. It basically confirmed to me that he really does try and communicate with her. I told him that he should teach her to talk, and then he could ask her. He liked that idea. I'm now curious to see if he figures out a way to communicate with her.

I hope that he continues to see her and communicate with her as he grows. So many kids lose that ability, and I would love for him to keep it. I think that it is so important for him to have a connection to Saoirse, as she will likely be his only sibling. I will always continue to believe in her presence and her spirit. I hope she continues to support Lochlan with her spirit and her positivity. That is truly a gift that only she can give to him. I will always encourage him to believe and to keep his mind open to seeing her. Hopefully he will experience her all of his days. Maybe he can teach me how to see her for myself.

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  1. Hopefully your son inherited your husband's gift of being able to see spirit. I love that you know that Saoirse is always with you, because truly she is. Your souls are forever bonded.