Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Wish I Could Live at Tong Ren!

Tuesday mornings. A morning that I get up, put my kid in the car, meet my mother at Panera Bread to give her said kid, and drive up the highway to my Tong Ren treatment. I get there before anyone else, take over the couch, pick out a blanket, put on my equipment, and lay down and drift off to sleep. It's the best nap you could ever ask for - Chi filled and deep. By the time I wake up the room is full, people are all banging dolls and chatting and laughing, and I'm there, drowsy and pain free (usually). Today I went the extra mile and got acupuncture before I left. Acupuncture days are the best. It's so calming, and it rids me of any residual pain, and leaves me feeling energized. Then I get in my car and on the drive home back comes the twinges and pain in some places. I hate the car and what it does to me right now. It ruins all the goodness that I just got. Oh how I wish I could just live there and never leave, then maybe I'd get better faster. Or at the very least, not have to deal with pain while I'm driving home. 

But, alas, I can not live there. But I can enjoy my time when I am there. 

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