Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 3 and Tong Ren

Week 3 went by without major event. Lochlan turned 9 months (I can't believe it), and cut another tooth. Up to 4 now! I went to see my oncologist, and she is happy with where I am. She trusts that I will call her if anything changes. The node in my neck is the same. My night sweats have decreased in frequency and severity, and my weight has remained stable (no gain, but no loss!). These are all good signs (I was loosing half to one pound per week in the 2 months before I started treatment). I'm sleeping well, have more energy, and have been feeling less "out of it." I'm glad that at least I'm sleeping better, as sleep deprivation really wears on me. 

I also decided to attend a Tong Ren healing anti-cancer class in Haverhill this weekend. Tong Ren is an energy based healing derived from eastern medicine theories and the principal of the collective unconscious. It's fascinating, and while I can't explain it myself, I was pleased to attend and hear a true explanation from one of the practitioners. I am excited to continue to learn more about it and attend the classes and experience some of the other healing modalities that are part of the Tom Tam healing system. Tui Na is one that I'm particularly interested in, and hoping to experience before we start traveling in May. 

It's been sort of a tough time recently emotionally. I so much want to be positive and have positive energy in me all the time, but my anger and frustrations take over so easily. I find myself blowing up and loosing my patience quickly. Little things can ruin my morning, afternoon or even my day. It seems to never be anything predictable (other than when Lochlan decides he doesn't want to nap), and it is mostly just a culmination of lots of little things and just one too many to handle. I'm hoping that I can do some acupuncture, Tui Na, yoga and more healing in the next couple weeks. More walking in the fresh spring air should help too. 


  1. You've had to deal with so much. Acknowledge your anger and blow ups as the grief that they probably are. Keep at it; you are an inspiration.

  2. I have not read all of your posts, but my initial response after reading this is that I hope you give yourself some credit for owning how you feel and working to overcome negatives that affect you as well as others. Bless you & yours.

  3. keep spirit and smile we are behind you :)

  4. Kezia, I am so sorry about the relapse but truly inspired your path clean health. Lochlan is beyond adorable and looks a lot like his big sis.
    Have you read the book We The Victor by Curtis Bill Pepper? It's a collecion of vignettes (collected in the 70s/80s I believe because I read it in the late 80s) of people who battled cancer. The vast majority of them used homeopathic treatments. Sending you love and light.