Saturday, October 26, 2013


By the time kids are 3, they have opinions on what they want to be for Halloween. I wonder what Saoirse would have wanted to be. A super hero, a princess, a fire truck, a train? She could have been anything she wanted. 3 is the perfect age to be anything you want. If only she could have been 3.

When you are bald and it's halloween, the best costume is Uncle Fester.


  1. Saoirse would have wanted to be your daughter -- and she is, even in her current state. Sorry so much for your aching loss. completely unfair.

  2. Kezia, I think of her all of the time, and I feel the same exact feelings you do and I get stabbed in the heart all over again when I realize someone has to feel this pain like I do. Just know I am thinking of you and Saiorse always and Alexa and Saiorse's siblings will persevere, They have amazingly strong, courageous, unique sisters who will be with them always....xoxo Darlene