Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going Bald for the Kids!

So..... I'm a little late posting this here. However - it is no less important, and event more important, now.


I'm participating in One Mission's Kid's Cancer Buzz Off at Gillet Stadium on June 9th! One thing I love about One Mission is their support of the child life services at Boston Children's Hospital. Saoirse spent countless hours in the playroom on 6 North, playing with toys, trains, the keyboard, painting, coloring and reading. The staff and volunteers are so important to keeping spirits up during what is otherwise a difficult, painful, and frankly boring time sitting in a hospital room.

Another thing I love about shaving my head? When I'm 9 months pregnant in the middle of the summer, being bald will be a great way to stay cool!

So help me out by donating to my fundraising page, and help the kids be able to escape for a short time while they endure devastating things to try and save their lives!

Click THIS link:
Kezia's Buzz Off Fundraising Page

PS: if I can meet my goal to raise $1500 by May 24th, two things will happen -
1) I will get to meet Rob Gronkowski and have him sign my shirt :)
2) I'll dye my hair purple - why not?!

Just to entice you, here's a photo of my hair BEFORE :)


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