Thursday, June 9, 2011

A busy and fabulous week

This week has been a great one. Saoirse has been really doing well. She is walking all over the place (still with help, she won't take a step without holding yet, but she's close). She's loving the outdoors, and loving socializing with other babies and kids. She's been so happy, and we are loving hearing her laugh every day, all day! Now that she's feeling better, we are going on more play dates, and she is really starting to socialize rather than just sit. She's also really starting to communicate with us which is so much fun. When she gets going she tells the most "interesting" stories, babbling on like we know exactly what she's talking about. But when she wants something she's now starting to point, nod, and sometimes sign. Also, she recognizes things when you ask or tell her something. And she is loving music! When we were at clinic on monday they gave her a little birthday gift - a music set including a drum and drumsticks, bells, tambourine, and rattle. She loves it! she shakes and bangs and dances along. The dancing is so fun, and whenever we put music on she bounces along and "conducts" the music with her arms. 

One thing I did for myself this week was to put some art in a local show. The Essex County Greenbelt Association holds an annual art show and sale called Art in the Barn. Last year I managed to show, even though I didn't attend because I had just had the baby. This year, with everything going on, I was not very on top of my submissions, and I considered dropping out. However, I forced myself to get things together and to drop off my artwork (even though it got there a day late). Mike and I left Saoirse with the neighbors tonight so we could go to the opening (the girls were very excited to have Saoirse as a playmate for the evening). Not only was it nice to get out and see some wonderful artwork, but I felt like I was doing something that was just for me, and getting back into the art world a little bit. I even saw an old friend from the frame shop there and was able to catch up with her a bit. (We saw a fellow MacFarlane clan member too, clad in his kilt and sporen.) For anyone interested in viewing the show (which I highly recommend, and it's free!), it is held at the Cox Reservation, 82 Eastern Ave. in Essex,  MA (Rt 133, right behind Farnham's clams - which I would recommend for lunch/dinner when you go). The art is amazing, and the site is beautiful. A wonderful afternoon. (For viewing hours, visit

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