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The Fitzgerald family has been dealt yet another blow in their cancer battle. After two years of nearly stable relapsed disease, Kezia has again been ravaged by cancer and has to face toxic chemotherapy treatments to save her life.

Kezia was originally diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January of 2011. Just months later, her infant daughter Saoirse was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma – an aggressive pediatric cancer. They faced toxic chemotherapy together, receiving some of the same drugs. Kezia’s cancer went into remission, but Saoirse lost her battle in December 2011.

Kezia and her husband, Mike, have dedicated themselves to helping other patients with medical products that Kezia had designed for Saoirse during her treatment. CareAline Products, LLC is now the leading supplier of line management garments for over 30 hospitals in the US and around the world, and has helped over 4000 patients with comfort and safety during a most difficult time in their lives.

After having her second child (Lochlan), and three years of remission, Kezia’s cancer returned in January of 2014. She chose alternative therapies so that she could focus on being a mother to her son and growing her business. Those therapies kept her living a normal life for over two years.

The recent stress of growing a company and raising a toddler has led to a major setback in Kezia’s health. Faced with aggressive progression and an infection leading to a weeklong hospital stay in June, Kezia is now beginning a new chemotherapy treatment. This treatment, while more targeted than her previous chemotherapy, has greatly disrupted the daily lives of the Fitzgeralds, and their personal finances are struggling because of it. The treatments have already begun to improve Kezia’s health, but she is still extremely weak from the cancer and previous infection, and is in need of constant care, along with constant care for Lochlan - who is turning three this moth, and is full of energy.

The Fitzgerald family is reaching out to the community for help during this trying time. Kezia blogs about her journey, and you can read more about the family and their needs online at:

We would greatly appreciate you sharing our story with your audience. Kezia does not want to wage this battle on her own, and every little bit helps to keep the Fitzgeralds in their home and on the road to healing.

Kezia can be reached at:

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